Full Name: Xynui Zu Atuba
Nicknames: None
Date of Birth: Late spring
Age: Unknown/Equivalent to mid/low 20s
Race: Orc
Gender: Female
Hair: Dark Red
Skin: Grey-Green
Eyes: Dark Green
Height: 6’3 ft
Weight: 170 lbs +/-


Place of residence: Unknown
Place of Birth: Northern Orc Village
Known Relatives: No known live relatives

Religion/Philosophy: Xynui trained as a priestess of Pa’agrio from when she was a young girl, her mother being a priestess herself. While she no longer practices her religion after leaving the Immortal Plateau, she still has lots of knowledge of the ceremonies and ways of Pa’agrio.

Occupation: Overlord
Group/Guild Affiliation: Echoes of Darkness
Guild Rank: Member
Enemies: Unknown

Likes: The quiet, Snow, Dancing, and music
Favorite Foods: Fish
Favorite Drinks: Hot Cider
Favorite Colors: Burgundy
Weapons of Choice: Currently owns two swords that she uses together, but has begun favoring daggers.
Dislikes: Crowds, bad food/smells. Elves, large water masses, the hiccups.
Hobbies: Playing with fire, Dancing.

Physical Features: Xynui keeps her thick long hair in check through her long braids. She has flames tattooed on her face, as well as a faded one in the center of her forehead that could have once been the symbol of which tribe she belonged to, as well as tattoos on her back. She has multiple small scars, most notably two identical scars on her upper arms that have not yet completely healed over.

Special Abilities: Xynui knows almost all the chants of Pa’agrio, which she uses to aid herself, and on occasion other members of the clan.
Positive Personality Traits: Xynui is loyal, which, is possibly her strongest trait, and she always tells the truth (or whatever warped version of the truth she sees)
Negative Personality Traits: Xynui is rather selfish, and far from a kind person. While she is usually not cruel without reason, that gives her no reason to be friendly without reason either. Xynui holds grudges as well, and rarely drops them. She often will not do anything unless she sees some personal gain in it.
Misc. Quirks: Xynui is a wanderer. She is rarely in one place for too long, and while she makes infrequent visits to the clan hall, she often completely disappears for weeks or months at a time. She also has a fondness for Elpies.