The Tower of Insolence is a fourteen-storeyed hunting area west of Aden and north of the Enchanted Valley. It is advised for characters level 60 and higher. This tower is the greatest achievement of Elmoreden's Golden Age. 

Of the fourteen floors, only twelve are designated for hunting. The level of difficulty increases the higher one goes:

Floors Level
1st - 3rd 55 - 62
4th - 5th 61 - 66
6th - 8th 67 - 70
9th - 14th 71 - 75

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In his later years, Baium the last emperor of the Elmoreden Empire, lost interest in conquests and became obsessed with the desire to attain the power of the gods. He mobilized his forces to build an Eternal Tower, resolving to reach the gods in the heavens above. Baium kidnapped ten Elven architects and forced them to design this spectacular tower that took thirty years to construct and was a feat unimaginable to even the most advanced Human architects of that time. When construction was complete, Baium ordered the executions of all who worked on it, from the Elven architects all the way down to the lowliest laborer, insuring that no one would ever discover the secret of the tower. The costs and labor requirements for the construction had eventally left the kingdom weakened.

When Baium climbed the tower, gods became angered and Einhasad condemned him to immortality, locking him away at the top of the tower, where he was forced to observe the destruction of his empire for hundreds of years. In the end, Baium went insane and slowly transformed into a monster. The tower became known as the Tower of Insolence and was sealed tightly from the populace. 

The secret of the tower's architecture has been lost for millennia. Eventually, the Gray Pillar Guild became determined to unlock the secrets, and dispatched a team of researchers to investigate. The Gatekeepers from the Ivory Tower also investigated why teleport spells wouldn't work, concluding that the problem lay in the twisted and torn land near the tower - probably a defense mechanism made by the tower's architects - something like a preventive measure to stop intruders from mobilizing large armies. The only way to get around inside the tower is via Dimensional Vortexes with the use of relevant Dimensional Stones or on foot. [1][2]

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