Quest: Step Into The Future
Beginning NPC: Gatekeeper Roxxy
Start Location: Talking Island Village
Level Required: 3+
Repeatable: No
Reward: 1 Scroll of Escape: Giran Castle Town, 1 Mark of Traveler

Gatekeeper Roxxy Edit


Gatekeeper Roxxy speaks of her job, and how it allows her to travel across the continent. Despite her love of travel, however, she was happy to return home to Talking Island. She does, however, miss Giran.


She sends you to speak to Magister Baulro inside the temple of Einhasad, who may be able to help.

Magister Baulro Edit

File:NPC Baulro.jpg

Magister Baulro asks why you have come, noting how anxious you seem.



He sends you to Sir Collin Windawood along with his Letter of Recommendation to see if your travel expenses will be covered.

Sir Collin Windawood Edit

File:NPC Sir Collin Windawood 01.jpg

Sir Collin Windawood notes that it's hard to find someone who's always moving, while waiting for you to tell him why you are there. Once he finds out you wish to go to Giran, he gives you some advice.

File:C WindawoodMap.jpg


He sends you back to Gatekeeper Roxxy.

Gatekeeper Roxxy Revisited Edit

Roxxy inquires as to your progress, and shows happiness when you tell her. She gives you a special Scroll of Escape that will open a Dimensional Door to Giran, along with the Mark of the Traveler special instructions on finding Trader Galladucci once you are ready to come back.


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