This user is either an inactive or former member of the Echoes of Darkness.

Spudnik is a Tyrant.

Spudnik is Echoes' Monster-in-the-basement.

he requests that all EoD applicants feed him. if you can find the Orc Food Distribution Flowchart, you'll know whats acceptable.

Spudnik practices the orcish form of combat known as Kavart and posesses select other charms and amulets to perform Voodoo-esqe rituals and incantations. it is unclear to whom he prays, and from whom his power flows, but Spud will tell you that inside him dwells the spirit of an Ancient warrior named Laevhal; perhaps it is from this Ancient Warrior that these incantations and rituals are known and performed.

Spudnik wields weapons known as Dragon Grinders. these are weapons worn in both hands providing his punches more power and brutality. according to spud these weapons actually make his arms feel lighter, and perform faster for him but it is unclear if this is the truth or again part of the Ancient Warrior within.

Recently, Spudnik has taken it upon himself to bring down the Demon Anakazel. he extends his call to all Echoes to his aid to this end.