Quest: Seed of Evil
Beginning NPC: High Priest Biotin
Start Location: Talking Island Village
Level Required: 21
Repeatable: No
Reward: 1 Scroll: Enchant Armor D Grade

High Priest Biotin Edit

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Biotin had a dream that he believes to be a message from the gods. In his dream a devil-like being with bat wings lead a flock of similar creatures into the Elven Ruins. He believes it is plotting some greater evil and wishes you to seek out the "seed of evil" and destroy it.
Biotin's Request for Help.Biotin's Instructions on Where and How to Find the Seed of EvilHigh Priest Biotin's Location

Elven Ruins Edit

The seed of evil is named Nerkas. It can be found in a large room just beyond the library in the ruins. Teleport into the ruins by speaking with Gatekeeper Siff. Go straight until you reach a small circular chamber, there will be Tunath Orc Warriors in the circular room you will have to kill, and as you pass by the openings in the other rooms you may aggro some skeletons.

The circular room connects to only one other hallway, to your right, follow that to the next opening on the right. (If you come to another circular room, with Wererats and Silent Horrors you have gone too far.Silent Horrors may aggro from behind the walls to the west as you pass. If you are in the right location looking East you should see a passage with a couple short descending stairways. It is guarded by skeletons, and a skeleton archer or two which will have to be killed. Follow the short hallway down the stairs into the library, you should see a globe ahead of you and several bookcases. There are several aggressive Dre Vanul and Undine Noble in this room. On the far side (the east side) of the library you should see 4 openings, either of the 2 center openings will take you to Nerkas' room. Be careful he is guarded by several Dre Vanul and Undine Noble.

Note Edit

Be careful, there is another quest monster with a very similar appearance named Nahir in the ruins who is needed for a level 35 class change quest. He will be extremely difficult, by comparison, and will not yield the quest item.

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Nerkas' Death Edit

As Nerkas dies he shouts out "The power of Lord Beleth rules the whole world..." His death also earns the character the quest item "Clay Tablet." If the tablet did not appear in your quest items inventory it is necessary to wait for Nerkas to respawn, and kill him again.
As Nerka Dies He Gives a Final Cry.Nerka's Quotations and the Quest Item: The Clay Tablet.

Return to Biotin Edit

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Once you have the tablet you can head back to High Priest Biotin for your reward. Biotin gives thanks for defeating Nerkas, and explains a bit about who Beleth is. He finishes by giving a Scroll: Enchant Armor D Grade some adena, XP, and SP.
Biotin's Dialogue Completing the QuestHigh Priest Biotin's Location

Seed of Evil Quest Rewards