The Revelation of Kaisha is an ancient scroll written by a Human scholar named Honorius early in the Era of Giants. It contained truths previously unknown to the world, untainted by falsehoods. It told the legend of Gran Kain and Shilen.[1]

In the Revelation of Kaisha, the following reference to the creation of angels is believed the most appropriate means of reconciling the two arguments [2].

Einhasad, who stands above all creatures, emitted a light to the heavens and earth. The rays of light that emanated in all directions had their own will and formed bodies according to that of their creator, and became angels. Their light was very bright and did not belong to this world, but because they had bodies, they could not remain in the light. Those who wandered around aimlessly were taken up by Einhasad and regarded as her underlings. Einhasad had another nine children and set them up as leaders of the angels.
History of the Empire 1731, from "The Hidden History of Elmoreden"
as recorded by Historian Mateo of the Ivory Tower

The following excerpt from the Revelation of Kaisha explains the Lilim as having immortal bodies:[3]

Lilim, soldiers that gave up their lives for Shilen, could not die, as their names had been removed from the list of the dead. If a Lilim expired, he returned to the side of Shilen in the netherworld...
The number of followers applying for rebirth as Lilim was great, but that opportunity was not provided to them all. Those who were not selected became a lower tribe called Lisch. Lilim formed the main fighting force that resisted the army of the empire. The Lisch repaired and managed the Necropolis and Catacombs.

Notes Edit

  1. The quest: Forgotten Truth (L2 Vault) deals with retrieving a translated copy of the Revelation of Kaisha.
  2. Human priests insisted angels were children of [Einhasad]], the goddess of light. The Magisters said angels were higher spirits of light
  3. From “Analysis of the Revelation of Kaisha and Verse of Lilith” written by Dark Elven Tetrarch Thifiell