The recruiting process for the Echoes of Darkness is a simple one: once an interested party has read the clan guidelines, they submit an application within the Forum and declare their intent to the clan, after which they will be contacted by a Council member to set up an in-character encounter.

After the applicant has had an in-character encounter with the Council member(s), they may be invited to join the clan. Once they have been invited, the applicant (now an initiate) will be placed on a probationary status. This status lasts a minimum of four weeks and allows the clan to gauge the initiate’s performance, enthusiasm, behavior, and character. It also allows the initiate to determine if the clan is appropriate for them. At any time during this period, the initiate or the Council may decide to terminate the initiate’s membership. Council-initiated terminations are recorded for any potential future applications.

At the end of the four week probation period, the Council tallies up votes cast by ranked members of the clan, noting any comments or opinions. Any negative vote places the review into an immediate suspension so that these concerns may be addressed. Once concerns have been negated, the initiate is offered rank status: They become a full-fledged member of the clan and are allowed to vote on current or future applicants.

At no time during the recruitment process is the initiate’s recruitment thread made visible to the initiate, so that full-members may comment without fear of retaliation or being ostracized.

Any questions regarding the recruitment process should be directed to the Council of Elders.

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