Oren Map
Located between the Aden and Giran territories, Oren was the sole territory to resist the unification efforts of Raoul. It was initially the sovereign nation that ruled the southern lands, and came to blows with the Aden army before being subjugated.

It was in Oren that Raoul first met upon resistance to his plan. Oren claimed itself to be the leader of the southern lands and did not accept any leader other than their own. Eventually, the two kingdoms came to blows, but the Aden kingdom maneuvered a remarkable victory.[1]

The northern Oren area suffered due to frequent wars with Elmore kingdom. As the residents in this area are descendants of northern Elmore, their cultural tradition is closer to Elmore than Aden and, moreover, is still affected by the militant tendencies. 

The environment also allows the northern coniferous trees to grow and be grown for the sake of the major regional industry, that is, the lumber trade.

Territory Edit

Oren Territory is a key point of Aden, since it is home to powerful influences such as the Ivory Tower wizards, Elven VillageDark Elven Village and the surrounding areas. For this reason, a strong military force is present in Oren, ready to oversee and suppress these influences. The following areas lie Oren's boundaries:

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