This user is either an inactive or former member of the Echoes of Darkness.

Full Name: Isane (Last name is withheld.)
Nicknames: Black Rose, Lady
Date of Birth: Late summer
Age: 23 Human years
Race: Kamael
Gender: Female
Hair: Purple
Skin: Light pink
Eyes: Red
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 129 lbs.

Place of Residence: Currently visiting the Dark Elf Village.
Place of birth: Isle of Souls
Known Relatives: Mother, Zeyna Father, Unknown

Occupation: Soul Breaker
Group/guild affiliation: Unknown
Guide rank: EoD
Enemies: Those that would see the Kamael race as an abomination as the religious fanatics of the church do. Elves and their silly tree.

Likes: Learning more about dark magics, music and dance, picking roses.
Favorite foods: Seafood, various noble foods.
Favorite Drinks: Wine and tea.
Favorite color: Purple
Weapon of choice: Rapier
Dislikes: Fanatics of Einhasad. As well as a few followers of Eva, Deep waters (Not a good swimmer.)
Hobbies: Reading, practicing magic, grooming her wing.
Theme song: " I'm that chick" Mariah Carey.

Physical features: Keeps a black hair pendant in her hair, and dark purple lipstick, other than that comes off as any other female Kamael.
Positive personality traits: Loyal to those she cares for how few they are.
Negative personality traits: Vain, looks down on those she sees as less fortunate. Short Temper with the followers of light. Considers the dwarven race as toys and servants.