Hunter's Village is a small mountain-side village located east of Oren and south of Aden. It falls under the purview of the Aden Castle manor. It is the home of the Hunter's Guild, as well as a good portion of the Coin Collectors found in Elmoreden.

Hunter's Village was founded by hunters, and has many traditions and rules that lends to the village's peace. Anyone found to violate these rules is expelled from the village by Guild President Bernard. Never hunt another Hunter's prey and never take what another Hunter has captured.

The village straddles a large canyon and is divided into two areas: The shops are lined up on the northwest side of the canyon, and the various class guilds located southeast, above and on platforms built into the canyon wall. There are two bridges connecting the sides of town, and in the past were dropped when the King accused the villagers of being bandits, eventually giving up after three months. Duke Athebalt was the one who finally made peace between the Hunter's Guild and the King. Guild Master Aren, who resides in the village, is Duke Athebalt's son.

The village is especially known for its proximity to the Enchanted Valley and the Forest of Mirrors.

It is said[1] that there are many ruthless criminals that gather in the village, leading to several feuds. Captain Raigen has heard rumors of an outlaw guild, but has found no proof, and seeks any information that might be found about them. Magister Moses knows of a group of Assassins residing in the village who would go so far as killing the Royal Family if they were paid enough.

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  1. Captain Raigen