Giran Map

The city of Giran is located on the eastern edge of Aden's southern territories, north of Innadril, east of Dion, and south of Oren. It is a result of the business acumen of Lord Carmon Esdus. It is more complex and splendid than most other towns.

The Trader's Guild Headquarters and Giran Harbor guarantee a thriving manufacturing sector.

Territories Edit

The following areas are within its boundaries:

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Notes Edit

  • Jhaelle maintains an apartment in the northwest corner of the city, in a large building across the plaza from the Orc Guild's location.
  • Kamakela often rents a room in the Black Lace Inn, found along the northern wall, between the gates.
  • Olorae en'Eveil once owned a home just inside the northwest gate, but it has since been demolished in an attempt on her life. It was rebuilt and sold following her recovery.