Full Name: Firhi Aristed (Pronounced: Fear-HEE Are-ISS-ted)
Common Title(s): Lil' Maestra

Statistics Edit

Height: 4'1"
Weight: 86 lbs
Build: Slender
Hair: Red
Eye: Green
Race: Dwarf
Age: 22 (Young Adult)
Season of Birth: Spring

Biography Edit

Place of Birth: Dwarven Village
Known Relatives: Lilah Marie Aristed (Sister)

Religion: Firhi worships Maphr.

Occupation Edit

File:NPC MechanicGolem.jpg

Clan Affiliation: Crimson Lilly
Clan Rank: Administrative Officer / Leader
Profession: Warsmith

Characteristics Edit

Favorite Drinks:
Favorite Colors:
Positive Traits:
Negative Traits:

Notes Edit

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