Find Sir Windawood
Beginning NPC: Guard Abellos
Starting Location: Talking Island Village
Level Range: 3+
Repeatable: No
Reward: 1 Haste Potion

Guard Abellos Edit

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An official order for Sir Collin Windawood has arrived, but he is not in the village, and Abellos worries that he may not return in time to get the message. He asks you to findd Sir Windawood and give him the message.

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Sir Windawood Edit

Sir Windawood can be found by the Obelisk of Victory, it is a short walk from the town or you can teleport directly to the Obelisk by talking to Gatekeeper Roxxy beside the Einhasad Temple. Speaking with him will end the quest and he will give you the reward of 1 Haste Potion.

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