Einhasad Statue Heine
Title(s) Force of Light
Homeplane Plane of Light
Power Level God

Known as the Mother of the god-children, Einhasad is the force of light. One of the two original gods, she is the equal and opposite of Gran Kain. She is known amongst the Elves as "Andariel"[1]

In addition, Einhasad is the goddess of creation and created forms using her own spirit. Her children used their own powers to create life from these forms.

Long ago, in a time before thought, there was only a globe in which all creation was mixed. As there was nothing with which to compare it, the globe was big and small, dark and bright, everything and nothing.

Over a hundred million years, the globe began to grow and eventually two powers slowly began to form within. As they grew, the powers developed consciousness and ego and separated into white light and darkness. White light formed as female and called itself Einhasad. The darkness formed as male and named itself Gran Kain. These two beings marked the beginning of the entire universe, and all that we know today.

Einhasad and Gran Kain pooled their strength to break out of the globe. In this action the globe was shattered into pieces of all kinds. Some pieces rose to become Sky, some fell down to become Ground. Between Sky and Ground there was Water, and some parts of Ground rose up to become Land.

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Einhasad Cross

(See Church of Einhasad for more information.)

Anakim, angel of light and envoy to Einhasad, appeared before Shunaiman at his coronation to bring Einhasad's blessings to the land. Afterward, Shunaiman declared that the worship of Einhasad was the one religion and all others were cults. Those found to worship other gods were named heretics and a war was declared on those who worshiped darkness[2].

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  1. Priest Tanios, Heine