The Drunken Elder Rule is a running joke involving Jay and his characters.

It all started when Olorae, the player being quite inebriated, decided to frighten her clan-mates. They were running through the Field of Silence, near Heine, and past a raid boss.

Olorae decided it would be funny to root said raid boss, only to cancel the spell before it was fully cast. However, it was noted then and there that Wind Shackle is not Dryad Root.

After Tatiyana resurrected Olorae, it was discovered just how drunk the Elder was. That day, a new policy went into effect that has followed through different characters:

Whenever Jay has been drinking, he must wear a title that states "Drunken Elder" so that no one will be shocked by his actions.

The rule remains.

Drunken Elder Template Edit

Item IceWine This user must change their title when drinking to Drunken Elder.

To add template: {{Template:User Drunken Elder}}