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Drakkos is a Dark Avenger and a member of the.

Description Edit

Full Name: Lord Drakkos V (the fifth)
Nicknames: Lord of the Mourning, Drak, Santa Baby
Date of Birth: Earth circa 1971
Age: Unable to calculate
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Hair: Brown
Skin: Light
Eyes: Brown
Height: Average
Weight: Average

Place of residence: Currently camping around Schuttgart
Place of Birth: Pennsylvania, USA, Ernia
Known Relatives: None Living.
Religion/Philosophy: Currently following Shilen Reluctant concerning all gods and religion.
Occupation: Dark Avenger/Adventurer
Group/Guild affiliation: Echoes of Darkness
Guild Rank: Clan officer/Council Elder
Enemies: Currently all members of PheonixAshes
Likes: Spending time with friends, earning adena, hunting in new areas, exploring.
Favorite Foods: Any edible meat over a fire.
Favorite Drinks: Ale in moderation
Favorite Colors: Black, burgandy, forest green.
Weapons of Choice: Any sword of power and enchantment.
Dislikes: Wasting time.
Hobbies: Reading, exploring solo, panther training.
Physical Features: Considerably scarred and battered. Evidence of many terrible wounds on arms and body.

Special Abilities:Controlling multiple mobs during hunts.
Positive Personality Traits: Unshakable loyalty. Talkative.
Negative Personality Traits: Sarcastic. Impatient. Talkative.
Misc. Quirks: Focused on earning adena--materialistic.

Played by What Famous Person:
Theme Songs: Three Doors Down - Away from the Sun.

History Edit

Drakkos was 'transferred' from a world called Ernia where he was a minor Baron and favorite of the King in a properous land. Some mysterious rift or fault in the continuum of the cosmos delivered him to Talking Island many years ago.
All he knows of this experience is that he noticed a greenish mist surrounding him and that it was during a full eclipse--and that he awoke to find himself on this world. He searches, rather half-heartedly now, for information about changes in the heavens, information concerning "mists" or "rifts" and constantly explores the countryside for clues that will allow him to return to his former life. He has been alive for something over 500 years--completely set aside from time. Though he exists, he finds that since he actually doesn't belong in this plane or existence, that he does not age and apparently cannot die! The passing of years has left him somewhat jaded...and in his heart he blames some insane experiment of the Gods for damning him to eternal life.
Having adjusted to this world, and this time, and these circumstances to the degree possible, he seeks the means for survival--associations with others, a safe haven for one of his dark thoughts, and the adena and general wealth to live well.