Dark Elves were once part of the Elven tribes, but were banished after they learned black magic in order to obtain the power to fight Humans. They lost the battle, but continued to study the dark arts. Dark Elves have similar features to their Elven brethren, but are taller, have blue-gray skin, and silver hair. They follow Shilen, the Goddess of Death.

Special Abilities of the Race: Compared to other races, Elves can hold their breath longer and are better able to jump from high places.

Characteristics: Since they possess high STR and INT, the Dark Elven attack capability is high.

Class Tree Edit

Dark Elf Fighter Dark Elf Mystic
Palus Knight Assassin Dark Wizard Shillien Oracle
Shillien Knight Bladedancer Abyss Walker Phantom Ranger Spellhowler Phantom Summoner Shillien Elder
Shillien Templar Spectral Dancer Ghost Hunter Ghost Sentinel Storm Screamer Spectral Master Shillien Saint


Palus Knight Edit

Palus Knights are Dark Elf Fighters who have received swordsmanship training on a professional level. In order to acquire more effective attack and defense skills, they continue to train on their swordsmanship and have mithril armor and weapons that best utilize Dark Elven fighting skills.

Playstyle: The play style of a Palus Knight is similar to that of other Knights yet with a superior attack capability. Palus Knights possess many skills and magic focused on causing damage.


Assassin Edit

Dark Elves who prefer using bows over swords become Assassins. They are stealth warriors who equip themselves with bow and dagger and light armor to move easily.

Playstyle: The playstyle of an Assassin is similar to that of a Rogue. Compared to Rogues, they have superior attack capabilities and access to magic and skills focused on causing or enhancing damage to enemies.


Dark Wizard Edit

Dark Wizards divide the magical forces in the world into four elements, as well as light and darkness. They then amplify the power of these elements and combine them to use in their magic. Dark Wizards can use the mid-level elemental magic, black magic and summon magic.

Playstyle: The playstyle of a Dark Wizard is similar to the playstyle of other Wizards, however, the characteristics of the magic they use and the types of creatures they summon are different from Wizards of other races. Also, like Dark Mystics, their magic is powerful but they have low MP recovery speed.


Shillien Oracle Edit

Shillien Oracles are Mystics who borrow the power of the gods – specifically Shilien - to perform miracles. Though they have similar abilities to Clerics and Oracles, they worship different gods and are as such granted different spells and skills.

Playstyle: The play style of a Shillien Oracle is similar to that of a Cleric or Oracle. However, Shillien Oracles have access to different buff skills and spells.


Shillien Knight Edit

Unlike the Temple Knight, who uses the magic of light and water, the Shillien Knight uses the magic of darkness and water, in addition to his skills with the sword. He drains the physical power of opponents with Summon Vampiric Cubic or Summon Viper Cubic, or he can summon poisonous cubics. The Shillien Knight can also rain lightening down upon his opponents using Lightening Strike.


Bladedancer Edit

The Bladedancer primarily uses two-bladed swords and raises the abilities of his party members by dancing. He assists in the hunt by increasing the attack power of his party through Dance of Warrior. The Bladedancer also raises the critical damage of party members through Dance of Fire.


Abyss Walker Edit

The Abyss Walker is skilled in combat and exploration, specializing in assassinations. He implements the same basic techniques as the Human Mercenary with Silent Move and Backstab, but he has higher attack power. However, due to his relatively low physical strength, the Abyss Walker is at somewhat of a disadvantage in frontal battle.


Phantom Ranger Edit

The Phantom Ranger handles a bow skillfully and uses techniques similar to other archers, but he also has excellent attack strength. He weakens the defensive strength of an opponent through Hex and can harass adversaries at long distances by using Double Shot, which shoots two arrows consecutively.


Spellhowler Edit

The Spellhowler uses the highest degree of elemental magic. A mix of Sorcerer and Necromancer, he casts magic by borrowing the power of the wind. The Spellhowler causes strong damage with the Tempest, which creates a tornado around his target, or he can use the Hurricane to shoot blades of wind from a distance.


Phantom Summoner Edit

The Phantom Summoner is renowned for summoning wicked spirits. He engages in battle vicariously by raising the defensive power of servitors through Servitor Physical Shield and by raising magic defensive power of servitors through Servitor Magic Shield. The Phantom Summoner can also raise servitors' attack speed through Servitor Haste.


Shillien Elder Edit

The Shillien Elder is adept at the highest levels of support magic - indeed, so much so that his intimidating reputation instills fear in his opponents. He casts various spells of support, including Purify which treats poisoning, bleeding and paralysis of his allies. The attack power of other party members is greatly increased by the mere presence of the Shillien Elder.


Shillien Templar Edit

Among Shilien Knights, followers of the goddess of the underworld, Shilen, these knights are said to be blessed by her. Adept at black magic, they also practice diverse summoning magic abilities.


Spectral Dancer Edit

Spectral Dancers are Dark Elf knights who are able to call forth a storm of death and destruction through the dances of the two swords. Bladedancers present death and chaos to the enemy with sword dances, and extremely rare dancers among them who can evoke frightful power are referred to as Spectral Dancers.


Ghost Hunter Edit

The title granted to the most accomplished of the Abyss Walkers, Ghost Hunters are notorious for their swiftness and damaging attack abilities. With the exception of a handful of veterans, very few existing Abyss Walkers have reached this standing.


Ghost Sentinel Edit

As the Moonlight Sentinel is at the apex of Elf archers, then the Ghost Sentinel is the Dark Elf counterpart. Their top priority is ability to destroy, and they are referred to as Ghost Sentinel because whatever they target ultimately faces demise.


Storm Screamer Edit

Storm Screamers are the most accomplished Spellhowlers who practice incomparably powerful wizardry, but have been excluded from the ranks of those represented by the Ivory Tower who consider them tarnished by black magic.


Spectral Master Edit

The most skilled of the Phantom Summoners who conjure creatures that sleep in the abyss, Spectral Masters are the most accomplished Dark Elf summoners who have reached a new stage of power through visions of the bygone eras.


Shillien Saint Edit

Strongly devoted followers, Shillien Saints worship Mother Shilen, who lies asleep in the shadowy abyss of the underworld. Also referred to as the priests of the abyss, they are able to perform the ancient miracles of the Shillien Elders that were once rendered obsolete. They are also the hope of the Dark Elves, who believe that Shillien Saints will herald the advent of a new world with the resurrection of the dark goddess.