Crystals of Fire And Ice
Beginning NPC: Trader Katerina
Starting Location: Talking Island Village
Level Range: 17+
Repeatable: Yes
Reward: Adena proportional to quest items delivered

File:NPC Katerina01.jpg

Katerina's Request Edit

Katerina explains about a story she found while browsing though some old accounts of the Elven Ruins and its history. She has found references to two crystals that existed back in the ancient times, when the Elves still controlled the island. According to her information, when the Elves left they shattered the two elemental stones, and the stone fragments became spirit creatures. She asks the character to go into the ruins and slay Salamanders and Undines to collect the valuable fragments.


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Elven Ruins Edit

Any of the Undine and Salamander monster variations will work for the quest. The following tables show images of the monsters and their locations of  in the Elven Ruins. Flame Shards and Ice Shards drop from all mobs at or near a 100% drop rate. There is no limit on how many shards you can collect. This may be difficult for characters under level 20, as all the monsters on the list have double(X2) hit points. 

File:QuestItem FireShard.jpg
SalamanderSalamander ElderSalamander Noble
SalamanderSalamander ElderSalamander Noble
Salamander MapSalamander Elder MapSalamander Noble Map
File:QuestItem IceShard.jpg
UndineUndine ElderUndine Noble
UndineUndine ElderUndine Noble
Undine MapUndine Elder MapUndine Noble Map

Return to Katerina Edit

If you return to Katerina with one or more of the crystal shards she thanks you for your work and rewards you with adena. Turning the shards in as a larger quantity seems to improve the reward. 3 shards will yield only a 90 adena reward, each being valued at 30 adena. 45 shards will yield 6800 adena, each now being valued at over 151 adena each. 


Returning Empty Handed Edit

If you return empty handed she lists the monsters she wishes you to kill and briefly summarizes your objective. 


Continuing Edit

After rewarding the character she gives the option to end the contract or continue with the mission. 

Continuing allows for the collection of more shards from the above monsters and, in turn, additional adena rewards. Katerina gives the following response, thanking you in advance for your efforts.

Ending the Contract Edit

Ending the Contract will remove the quest from the characters quest log and give the response from Katerina that she may contact you in the future. 

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