Out of Character Guidelines Edit

  • Role-playing is strongly encouraged, as this is the whole point of the guild, but don't use role-play as an excuse to be rude to other players without a reason, no matter their race. Respect other players, regardless of their characters. They pay to play this game too.
  • No random PK'ing will be tolerated. Make sure you have a good reason to attack before you do.
  • Mature behavior is expected from all members, any childish or offensive, unjustified attitude towards house members or any other player may be punished by the Council members.
  • Members are expected to make adena or material donations or item donations to clan vault to help achieve a higher level, but there are no mandatory amounts. Donate what you can, when you can, as it will go toward making the clan stronger and better able to support you, the members.
  • Helping other clan members is a priority to make the clan stronger. You are not required to leave what you're doing to aid another member, but keep it in mind if you aren't particularly busy. Offer to take another member out leveling, offer to sit down and RP with them if you’re so inclined. A clan is only as strong as its members.
  • Buying Adena, gear and/or power-leveling services from an online source will not be tolerated. This clan does not promote these activities, and those caught using them will face termination from the clan and reporting to NCSoft. This is a blatant violation of the EULA that you agree to every time you play.
  • Role-Playing related character names are also required. We wish to not accept anyone with non-RP names like "PoopyPants" or "King69" or "UB3R D00D.”
  • Use common sense. Respect other players, respect each other, respect yourself. This clan is as strong as you make it.
  • Echoes is a casual clan. However, it is expected that we will be your main clan. This avoids many problems arising from shared allegiances in Lionna's turbulent political structure. If you are a member of another clan, you are expected to declare it during your probationary period and prior to getting full admittance. Clans for warehouse space that are not active politically are not an issue. However we do ask that we be advised of them.

In Character Guidelines Edit

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