Chrysolite is used by Maestros to make high quality weapons and armor. As ore it looks rough and plain, but once smelted turns into a precious metal with a brilliant blue luster.

Almost all the Chrysolite used in smithing comes from Gracia. A small amount of its rough ore has been found on the bodies of the Utuku Orc tribe, and might be used as a currency among them. The ore likely comes from hidden veins in the Spine Mine Field.[1]

In Echoes Roleplay Edit

Many years ago the Echoes of Darkness raided the Ouss'Mtor Manor belonging to a Cult of Shilen Member that was linked to an attack on the Clan Hall. Within the manor they located and seized nine chests of chrysolite bars. Hidden in the same room they found crests that had been fixed to the chests marking the house or smithy that had produced them. The crests bore the symbol of two lightning bolts crossed under an open eye, but none knew the marking. These leads were never followed.[2]


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