While other races were brandishing their bamboo spears and stone axes, the dwarves' ancestors had already fashioned bronze tools and begun to learn the secrets of Steel. The Black Anvil Guild continues the tradition of those ancestors through delicate workmanship and a noble spirit of craftsmanship. The guild has produced all the great craftsmen of Dwarven history. Their Mithril weapons and adamantite armor are traded at the highest prices at any market.

"The products of the Black Anvil Guild are considered the cutting edge of Dwarven technology. We are responsible for the renaissance of the giant's technology." - Arin Curdhammer Representative of the Black Anvil Guild.

Also, their members study the lost science and technology of the Giants more deeply than anyone else. The siege golems and airships that they produce are the results of such studies.

Among their other creations they have designed some mobile teleport devices, five of which were borrowed and destroyed by the wandering Master Toma.

The Black Anvil Guild is represented to the Elder Council by Arin Curdhammer.

Members Edit

In Echoes Roleplay Edit

  • Jhaelle is a member of the Black Anvil Guild, and was adopted and raised within it since childhood, when her parents were listed as missing.

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