Amsel Velard

This user is either an inactive or former member of the Echoes of Darkness.

Full name: Amsel Velard
Nicknames: Isane's guard, Devil's hand
Date of birth: Early spring
Age: 25
Race: Human
Hair: Auburn
Skin: Tan
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 178 lbs.

Place of residence: Isle of Souls
Place of birth: Talking Island
Known relatives: Grand master Aldenia, Sister. Mother and father deceased.
Religion/ Philosophy: none

Occupation: Dark Avenger
Group/ guild affiliation:
Guild rank:
Enemies: Arrogant followers of the church and those that would do harm to Isane.
Likes: Music and dancing.

Favorite food: Anything
Favorite drinks: Light ale
Favorite color: Purple
Weapon of choice: Dark legion's edge
Dislikes: Thieves, fanatics, and those that would impose their will upon others
Hobbies: Sharpening his sword, hunting and fishing

Physical features: Lean muscular build mostly due to training with kamael troops. Scar down his left arm left from his encounter with the church of Einhasad. Keeps a blue mask on.

Positive traits: Eager to assist his comrades, Devoted to his duty.
Negative personality: Stubborn once he sets himself to do something, often veiwed as over protective at times.
History: Work in progress