A Game of Cards is a collection-based quest for characters between levels 61 and 80. It is given by Warehouse Keeper Klump in the city of Aden.

In order to play the game, the player must collect at least fifty (50) Red Gems. They can be gathered from the following creatures:

Tulben, Hames Orc Scout, Hames Orc Footman, Cursed Guardian, Hames Orc Overlord, Doom Scout, Dismal Pole, Doom Servant, Doom Archer, Doom Warrior, Blood Queen, Trives, Falibati, Doom Knight, Ghostly Warrior, Bloody Priest, Bloody Knight, Dark Guard, Death Agent, Black Shadow, Chimera Piece, Nonexistent Man, Forgotten Ancient People, Shaman of Ancient Times, Antelope, Buffalo, Eye of Splendor, Wisdom of Splendor, Victory of Splendor, Signet of Splendor, Splinter Stakato, Splinter Stakato Soldier, Needle Stakato, and Needle Stakato Soldier.

The rules for the game are very simple:

There are 70 cards, made up of 5 suits with 14 characters in each suit. You draw 5 cards from the lot, and if you get one of the combination of cards below, you can be rewarded. The cards themselves were left by Hindemith, and have a message on them, but Klump does not know what it means, and so uses them simply to play the game.

Five of a Kind: Five cards containing the same character
Four of a Kind: Four cards containing the same character
Full House: Three cards with the same character along with two cards of the same character
Three of a Kind: Three cards with the same character
Two pairs: Two pairs of cards with the same characters in each pair
One pair: Two cards with the same character

If you don't have any of the hands mentioned, it's called having "no pair", and you don't get anything. Of course, a five of a kind is rare, so the reward for getting it is high; on the other hand, one pair is the easiest hand to get, so you'll receive only the lowest reward.

Known Rewards Edit

One Pair: Scroll: Enchant Armor D (x2)